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Friday, March 8, 2013


I loved this second term. We studied very powerful feelings: horror and love.
We read books, we watched movies and we did movies! 
We search information about the big masters: Poe, Hitchcock, Shakespeare, etc. And I think that we learnt a lot of history and culture.
I enjoyed everything that we did.


At the end of the second term we did the romantic project. We read a small version of Romeo and Juliet and we saw the film, too. We were all very moved! Now we will respesent and record one scene of Romeo and Juliet.

I hardly ever see romantic films, because they're all the same: one handsome boy met one beautiful girl, they fall in love, they have some problems, and in the end, they will be together forever.
I like mistery, acction. I like to suffer for the characters, the feeling of never knowing what's going to be next and of course dramas (like R&J).

 My favourite romantic film is 50 Firsts Dates. It's about one boy who met a girl. He fell in love with her, but the girl has a mental problem and she will not remember anything the next day. I like this film because the boy will make her fall in love with him everyday and I think that it's very beautiful dooing that for the person you love.