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Monday, November 26, 2012


The gothic novel was invented for Horace Walpole. The first gothic novel, was The Castle of Otranto which was published in 1764.
The basic elements that we didn't put in the list but that they're in the gothic novel are: that the story is settled in a castle, an ancient prophecy, omens (auguris), portents (presagis), and visions. An overwrought emotion, a women in distress or a women who is maltreaten by a man.

Horace Walpole
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In general, I agree with everything that the tests say about me. They are all very similar: I like to work for my own and I like doing things with my hands.
I don't know what I want to be yet, so this it will help me a lot, because I learnt some things about me that I never considered that they were important for my future. 
It will help all those tests that we have done, because our future it's important and we have to begin to hurry for choosing the degree for what we want to be. Now I'm interested with the psycologist career, but I don't like biology. I will have to think more seriously about this things. 
With my first idea I will contribute to the society helping people having a good life.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The graphic shows that I'm a very intrapersonal person, it's my highest intelligence. I also have high the linguistic and the logical intelligence. The lowest one it's the naturalistic and they're right. I don't like too much this kind of things, biology it's not my favourite subject, I just found it interesting, but nothing more. I agree with almost everything, because I'm a very shy person. I'm always thinking and rarely saying it out loud.
I thought that the lowest thing would be the body smart, because sports are not my strong point and I get tired so easy, and I'm not as bad as I though.
About the other intelligences they're right: I love writing and logical problems.

If I could boost some of my intelligences I will improve my people smart, perhaps it's a thing that I will need in the future, to expressing my ideas to people. The text says that for being more interpersonal I have to introduce myself, speak with security and say hello, thanks, wish a good day and all this things will make me more confident. Also working in a group it will make it easy for me, but I got so nervous so I have to practise a lot. 

The intrapersonal intelligence career chart gives lots of jobs. I may like to be psychic in the future, or having my own small bussiness. It sounds interesting being a trend predictor. I would love to be a writer, but I don't know if I will have enough inspiration and creativity for write so many books. Perhaps being a writer it would be a hobby, because I don't thing that I can earn enough money for living of that.

I can use this information for knowing myself a little better and for beginning to have a direction in life. 
If I become a psychic I will help people who has a chronic disease, I think that I can contribute to society whith that, because I could settle problems that the people have.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Most of the best photos of the world are not the happiest or the prettiest. A photo it can be very simple, but for arrive to people, this photo has to bring a message, it have to transmit some valours.

I have chosen this one because it's a very colorful and moving photo. We often don't mind all of the things that we have or we use. For us it's a normal thing, having a car. It's a common thing that almost everybody goes to school. But what happens with the people that can't have this things? We don't realize of what they have to suffer because it doesn't seem our beautiful world, plenty of technology and all this stuff that we have.
This photo was taken in Darfun, an African city. The photo shows their school. Unbelievable? They haven't got a building, or chairs, or tables. They are sitting on the floor, but for them going to school it's one of the most important things that they have.
This photo is very moving and disturbing for that. The poverty of ones and the wealth of others make us forget what's important in life. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


My hero is my uncle, his name is Pere but I always call him TiuPere.
He’s such a nice and kind person. He has a lot of patience and he’s very calm, thing that I admire. He’s very hardworking and he has his own business with my aunt.
I remember that when I was a child, every Sunday he always brought me Teo books and after I read them passionately. I still keep them in a wooden box.
Now he’s having health problems, and he had to get over the most difficult part without help. But now he’s getting better with all of us around him.
He will be never alone, because we love him so much. He’s a real fighter and he has a big support because he support us in every single problem that we have.
I would love to be like him, he’s my hero.

Monday, November 5, 2012



Genus and species:
Castor canadensis
Collective Term:
A business of beavers


Careers and Hobbies
Naval Officer

Famous Beavers
Jimmy Carter
Alexander Graham Bell

"Beavers are the workaholics (fanàtics del treball) of the animal world. No animal personality places more emphasis, nor derives more self-esteem than beavers do from their careers. They can be found at all levels of the working world, though they perform best in unsupervised positions that require serious responsibility. This makes them ideal for roles as a ship's captain, naval officer, judge, accountant or bank manager. As a handyperson they have no equal: If asked to fix a chair, they'll build one from scratch.
Organized and structured, their determined attitudes spill over into all aspects of their busy lives and they plan for the future almost unconsciously. Decisions made regarding their relationships, careers and families are methodically and practically prepared, and they are most comfortable at work or ensconced in their fastidiously decorated homes. In their spare time, beavers love to busy themselves around the house or tend their precisely manicured lawns.
It is arguable, however, whether the beaver's complex home-building skills require intelligence or simply instinct, much as a bird builds a nest. Today it is generally believed that the beaver's intelligence is overrated: though they will purposely fell trees to build dams, they are often killed by their poor lumberjacking skills.
While others are playing, beavers are usually hard at work. They are well prepared for any eventuality and their homes are well stocked with spare water, emergency radios and survival kits. Even the beaver is not sure why it spends such energy in securing its home, but it instinctively feels more comfortable when it does.
Beaver personalities come in all shapes and sizes. Generally in good physical condition, they find time to keep fit even with their busy work schedules. Their conscientious attitudes makes them dependable as friends and a commitment from a beaver is like money in the bank." Web source

I agree with almost everything, I think that I'm a hardworking person, but I won't stay in home working if I know that my friends are playing and having fun outside. For me, work is an important thing in life, in particular now that we have to choose our future, but there are some things more importants than this. My priorities, what I have in the top of everything including work, it's my family and healthy, and friends, too.
I'm agree when it said that I like to work just myself, I don't like order things to people, and I got nervous when I work with a group.

My favourite animal and the animal in me are very different. My favourite animal is the cat, and while the beaver is very hardworking, a cat is very lazy and quiet, too. Perhaps the only thing in common it's that they are very independents.