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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


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I did this podcast with Tania Argelés and Marcel Kotthaus.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Of course I am! But that’s why styles are for: to copy ideas from what you see around and try it to make it a little bit yours. We always look up to celebrities because they have a lot of money in their pockets that they can  spend on clothes and then everyone talks about them.

In my opinion I would say that celebrities now are trying to catch desperately the attention of paparazzi wearing dresses that anyone would wear, like Lady Gaga. I don’t think that she influences me at all, and I would dare to say that she’s the exception. She’s not the ony one anymore.

In love with her ♥.♥ @FloDreams
Jennifer Lawrence

Now there’s a trend (in the celebrity world) to show too much skin. I don’t think that this is a nice style but I was very surprised the other day when I went into a clothing store in my town and I couldn’t find a T-shirt that wasn’t cut by half. Who will go to highschool showing the belly? Nobody! Clothing managers know that if someone who’s recognized all  over the world wear some kind of shoes, people who admire this person are (probably) going to buy the same shoes because “he has the same ones”. 

Outfits pata hooy!
Instagram's OOTD
Nowadays, most of girls are also influenced by apps like Tumblr or Instagram, where you can post your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and you’ll also find lots of outfits from other people. And all those outfits are similar to each other, they’re the same style.