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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Two weeks ago Laia Dalmau and me made an oral presentation about the idea of beauty in women throught the past cenury. 
From my point of view our resources: a prezi and a little video, were clear and well structured. Our timing was good because we lasted ten minutes. We tried to show some interesting things, appart from the historical part. Our languatge was correct but we mispronounced some words. I also should have looked more at the audience. 

We enjoyed doing a presentation about beauty and searching information about how women has changed through the years. We both think that beauty is an important thing in our society.

Here's our prezi:


In a town called Spielplatz in Bricked Wood, their residents always go naked. They have been living like this for more than 85 years. For them is normal to be naked all the time, and says that they all have normal lives. Although that the condition on living there is that you have to go naked, they wear clothes if it's cold outside or if they have to do any kind of task like gardening. Tina Yates, who had an operation that left a big scar on her body, went to the town to gain self-esteem and she settled up permanently after a month.

I don't think that this is a good idea, because most of the people aren't use to that, and probably the people who lives there has a family, and I don't think that they go to see their families naked. I thought that going naked was illegal.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Last month, on the 9th of November, there was a consult in Catalonia to know who wanted the independence. Those kind of activities are prohibited to do, but just if who organises all the things is "La Generalitat" so some political parties said that to do the consult, Catalonia would need a total of twenty thousand volunteers. The result was overwhelming: there was a total of 40.930 volunteers. The campaing was a success, and this article says that this just happened for some (four) reasons:

  1. Unity ofaction
  2. Legal dexterity
  3. Civil commitment
  4. Municipalities (942 of 947 towns agreed to vote).
As the human chain, or the giant V in Barcelona, I think that the 9-N has been another movement to get close to the independence, to show to the world what a part of Catalonia has to say. But we're not going to improve the situation because it looks like the politicians can't do anything else to go towards independence. I like this days where people of different races stick together for one cause. In another countries having different opinions about the future of the Country might cause fights, but in Spain we do pacific, and to me very moving, demonstrations.

Here's an example of the campain that was made for the 9-N. People arround Catalonia sent their messages and some of them were made into posters.

Source: El Punt, page: 74 (Catalonia Today) from the 16th of November, 2014.


This week the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy came to Catalonia in a ceremony of his political party. He also took advantage of the ocasion to adress some words for all the people who agreed for the independence of Catalonia. Mariano Rajoy said that he wouldn't allow the unity of Spain to be questioned and he also said that he found that Artur Mas, the president of Catalonia wasn't correct using strong and offensive arguments. His speach, appart from speaking of Catalonia, he also said that the ecomomy of Spain was advancing to a better situation and that this was the envy of the world.


I think that Mariano Rajoy was exagerating, because we still feel the crisis and there's a lot of people without a job. Although it's a normal thing to go to a place to do a political party meeting Mariano Rajoy made his speech whith many reasons and one of them was to provoke independentist people. Another one was to promote his political ideas with people who doesn't know what to vote. Anyway, in my opinion I think that a good politician shouldn't talk badly about other politicians, a good politician should gain followers by trying to convince them of their way of thinking (the more potive, the better).

Source: El Punt Diari, page: 74: Catalonia Today. (30th of November, 2014)

Friday, November 28, 2014


The past three months the Ebola virus increased a lot. There was a case of Ebola in Spain, and many others in America. The problem is that instead of trying to heal just one person in our country we should help the people who are suffering the Ebola the most: in West Africa. 

A news article from The Guardian says that the cases of Ebola had increased a lot in a few weeks and that almost half of the people who were infected have died. Liberia is the city where has registered more cases and deads, but Sierra Leone is the city where the virus is spreading faster. Those two cities citizens' are in a state of malnutrition and undernutrition. 
 The scientists have said that they're making a progress in the creation of a vaccine and nowadays they've created an experimental one.

In my opinion it's unfair that we're not helping those countries to improve the situation because the Ebola is a problem that we all can have. As we have experimented before, when the spanish priestb was infected by Ebola, Spain spent millions of euros to bring him back to Spain to heal him. It doesn't make any sense to me for two simple reasons:
  1. A singe mistake in the process of carrying the priest to Spain could couse infection through all the country. And in the end the poor man died, so all the movement was made in vain.
  2. All the money that we spend would be more useful if we brought specialised doctors to Africa and then try to solve the problem there, because it's where the virus mostly lives. 



This article is about a recent study that Public Health England develpoed. They found out how to calculate brain age. It's easy to know you're getting older phisically (wrinkles) but how do you know the state of health of your brain?
 The answer to calculate the brain age is to study how many brain cells we lose and how fase we lose them. When we start to lose brain cells regularly, it means that our brain starts to shrink. 
And to calculate how many brain cells we lose they've created a test where they took into account factors as weight, exercise levels, colesterol and also lifestyle factors such as how much you sleep, what you eat or how you socialize. With all the answers the scientifics are able to determinate the risk of having Alzheimer.

The test consists of approximately 25 statements and you have to answer if they're true or false for you. Some of them are:
  • I get between seven and eight hours (or more) sleep each night.
  • I have never smoked cigarettes.
Then there's a table with a score of all the trues you answered. The more trues you have, more chances you have to have Alzheimer.

Some of the tricks they give to prevent a bad health for your brain is to exercise often, sleep a lot and also have a good social life.


I agree that you're going to be healthier if you take control of your body, and to sleep and connect with other people, but I didn't thought that it could be really damaging for your health not doing it  as it says in the news. Truth to be told, it's a logical thing because all those things provide you to have a happier life, so you're in a calm mental state and it's easier to keep going and doing it the best one can!


Thursday, November 27, 2014


Donatella Versace is a famous woman because she's the sister of the founder of Versace's brand, and now she's the director.

Twenty years have passed since she started in the beauty industry and since she started to experimenmt with beauty treatments like bottox or laser resurfacing. Recently, the 59 years old woman has been seen outside and the media caused a big scandal because of her look.

Donatella Versace then and nowadays

Although the pictures are a little scary, I think that what had happened to that woman is totally justifiable. She has been surrounded by beauty almost all her life, and beauty nowadays is related to youth, so I'm sure that is one of the reasons why she has done to herself that kind of damage. Also, once you have started using those treatments, and if you want to stay like you were before, you have to redo them every year aproximately. It's impossible to stop.
 I think that having a job in a company that promotes beauty sometimes it's a hard for your personality. We all have seen how badly social networks impact teenagers, causing them some mental or phisic diseases because of the wrong idea that we're spreading of beauty. Now imagine that you're who's spreading it, the one who has to contract models, and knowing that you're not fitting in. I don't really think that this is exactly what had happened to Donatella Versace, but I'm sure that this happens a lot in beauty industry.


Friday, November 14, 2014


Nowadays more experts and scientists are saying that we need humour on a daily basis to be healthier , in a psycological way. Are they right? Or the need of humour is, actually, another trend? Nowadays it has became popular to havea healthy life. And this involves going to the gym, running, eating vegetables and fruit, and also posting everything healthy you're doing in a social network, saying or showing that you're having a really good time. I do not consider this a way of having fun. Neither following  a sarcastic account on twitter is enough. I believe that there're a lot of leve,s of humour, and we could perfectly live without those kind of jokes.

From my view, there's a kind of humour that it's necessary, and it'ts the one that it's shared between people, face to face. 

Firstly, we need this kind of humour because it helps us to make bonds with people.
Secondly, if you tell jokes and the people arround you laugh at them your self-esteem will improve because you know for sure that they will respond truly to your joke.
Plus, if you're having a bad day and someone who's laughing comes next to you or tells you a joke this will cheer you up for the rest of the day.

In conclusion, humour is necessary in our lives. We need to share positive thoughts and jokes to be  happier and positive about everything.