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Sunday, May 25, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I went to the cinema to see Bad Neighbours. We saw the trailer and we thought that it was going to be fun! We also knew that one of the main character is Zac Efron and we really like him.

The film is about a couple which just had a baby and they moved to a new neighbourhood. At first they thought that it was an amazing place, but then a brotherhood decided to live next to the family and all the problems begin. As you can imagine, the brotherhood made a lot of parties and the family made a plan to get them out.

Although I don't know if I would reccomend this film to anybody, it's a good film if you just want to disconnect and laugh a little. In my opinion all the jokes are very predictable, but they're still funny. It's a very American movie. Despite all of that, the players act really good.

Here's the trailer!


Friday, May 23, 2014


Is the PBL succesful? Project Based Learning is about critical thinking, collaboration and comunication. It's based on learning in projects as the name itself says. The teacher tries to connect with the students explaining situations that could happen in real life and with that, students are interested in the subject.

I see why this way of teaching is better for us, but I don't know if it's a better way of learning for all the students because we will also forgot things. Perhaps not as quick as with the old method but it will also go out my mind.
Also working on projects and collaborating with your mates requires a lot of free time. But with extra activities, homework, exams and considering the fact that sometimes your mate it isn't your neighbour it's difficult to meet and do projects together. We're lucky to have internet these days but, if you want to be really good you have to meed¡t with your partner to organize and talk. It's too much.
I really believe that this method has more advantatges than the older one but I don't know if it would work for all the subjects.

The Project Based Learning would work if all the subjects applied to this project by working more in groups because we also work on projects but not like PBL. Combining both methods, in my opinion is a little bit stressful.


It'swell known that the objective of wearing uniforms is to show that everyone is equal to everyone. We usually relate uniforms with students, but should teachers wear a uniform, too?

Firstly, I felt that they also should have to wear uniforms. Why not? It's a lot more comfortable than having to choose different clothes everyday, but besides that, it seems to me that the fact of seeing a uniformed teacher, decreases the respect and also the it would change the way that we, as students, see them. We are going to see teachers all equal, and a teacher should impose respect and discipline. Perhaps the way that the teacher shows how he/she is by wearing the clothes that he/she wants, it might influence the levels of respect (not judging any style! Just the fact of wearing all the same and everyday would decrease respect, for me).

On the other hand, it would be interesting if teachers had a dress code established and voted by them, of course. So, they wouldn't be as opressed as if they had to wear the same. 

To sum up, if I could decide what to do about the teachers' dress code I would prefer that everybody could wear what they want to wear, Because every teacher (as every person) has a different style, and perhaps the way that they're dressed influence them in a way that could change their mood. And if their mood change it will also change their lesson, so it's better to let things be the way that they're right now!

Monday, May 19, 2014


It is a fact that consumism is a social problem which has increased a lot recently. Many people believe that society can't reach a solution, that powerful people are the ones who should find the solution. But that's not how it works and in the video that we could see it. It demostrates that powerful people like mayors or important bussibess men are the ones who let the problem grow.

Firstly, each person has to improve him/herself. We should have to think before we buy something if we really need it, if there are more ecological ways to get it or if you can recycle something that you already have instead of buying other things.
Another important thing is that we have to be concious about those countries that are getting poor in order to satisfy what we want exploting their resources. If we achieve this, if we could be able to change people's mind, we might be able to decrease the levels of consumism that we have. 

To sum up it is widely known that there are projects and campaigns which are eficient but they aren't enough. I personally think that by changing the way of how we look and value things is the best solution for consumism.

Here's the video that we saw:

All you need is less


Psychologists agreed that having something to do is going to make your life longer. Just as simple as that!

They have proved that some older adults who have a purpose, an achivement, are living longer than the ones who don't do anything. Psychologists think that is has a relation being active and living longer. Waking up everyday with energy, positivity and an objective could give you a healthier lifestyle, in orther to achieve that objective.
An assistant Professor Patrick Mill made a study of 6000 adults across Amrica for 14 years. At the end of the study, 9% of the people died and they were some of the ones who didn't have a purpose or were very negative. 

At the moment this isn't the solution for those hwo want the inmortality, but I can see why it's healthier for you to always keep going. Having objectives is definately the solution for not making the most of time, for enjoying it and, perhaps your life is not going to be as long as it should be, but for sure it will be more memorable.

"Always remember to fall asleep with a #dream & wake up with a #purpose." #quote #inspiration
Give life a meaning.


Sunday, May 18, 2014


Could you imagine travelling fron India to L.A. on a train with no changes? At the moment it's not possible but it's also far from impossible. 

Chris Gray, from England, crated a global underground inspired by the London underground map. Most architects told him that it would be impossible because the tunnels would have to be very deep, as deep as the tectonic plates. 
He thinks that this is possible with pneumatic tube systems but they would need too many resources and time. For example, to make a tunel from London to New York it would take about 508 years to build it. Gray's idea is to make the underground very cheap, the tickets would cost 13 pounds.

Although it's a very interesting idea and it would be very helpful, there's no need to build this underground. There're other ways to go places and they might not be as cheap as this underground but I'm sure that they're more safe. If this was built, it would produce a negative enviromental impact.

Web developer Chris Gray came up with his idea for a global Underground map (pictured) when he was visiting Australia and suddenly wanted to 'nip home'. He picked the stops by  picking 'nodes' at densely populated cities and worked out the connections from there
The global underground map.

Pneumatic madness? Elon Musk's 'hyperloop' transport system (illustrated) will see passengers travelling in a pneumatic tube if it is every built. It could enable people to travel at speeds of 760mph and a version of the futuristic design could play a part in a completely connected world transport network, according to an expert
The "hyperloop" transport system.



A research found out that crowns are as intelligent as children. At first you might think that it's a joke, but it isn't! Some scientists did a study that reveals that this fact is true. 

The research was about studying the way that crowns interactuate with each other and the results were surprisingly positive. They are able to work in a group to get the food or to build tools to grab the fruit. So the scientists came with the conclusion that they're as intelligent as a seven year old human.

I'm not quite convinced with the study that they made. My cousin is seven years old and I can't compare her behaviour with the behaviour of a bird! Children know what they want and how to get it. We are able to use our language to get what we want, not just with actions. For example we can use irony, or sarcasm,  also lying is a weapon. If we have more weapons than birds, we are more intelligent than them!

Clever: The 'water displacement' tasks (pictured) were all variations of the Aesop's fable in which a thirsty crow drops stones to raise the level of water in a pitcher
A crow trying to reach to the food droping stones to raise the level of the water.