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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Who doesn't like the idea of having a gap year? I'm sure that we all have different ideas of what we would do. My point of view is that when we're students, in a gap year we want new experiences, but for people who has a job, the adulthood stage, are more interested for get more experience of something, or just to take a year off. 
Right now, if I had to do one, I would part my year in three parts. 
The first one would be the most radical one, I would like to volunteer in a poor country, where everything it's different, aproximately three months. It would also be great because I would get the chance to see more places around the world, and also to make a lot of friends of other cultures and other languages. It sounds great but I think that it would be a hard experience, because we aren't used to this lifestyle. The second part would be the relaxing part, after a great experience, it's nice to go back with the family and chill out for a bit. I would spend my time doing some projects that I have in mind, and trying to find a job for the  rest of the year. This would be my third part, I want to earn my own money, so I would like to work.
I think that taking a gap year it changes you life, you have the chance to see different cultures, and apreciate more the things we have. With all those experiences you grow as a person, you get more values. 

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Saturday, March 1, 2014


What do you imagine when you think of the future? 
An architect Vincent Callebaut, has a clear idea of how it should be, and he decided to show it to the world. 

He is based in an eco-living lifestyle, he wants to combine the city and the countryside, doing eco-friendly communities instead of separating our houses with fences. His project is called Flavours Orchard, and I really like it. I would be very pleasure if my future house looked like the ones he designed. They are like little palaces, with a very peculiar structure. They're all made of glass, so everything it's very illuminated and it gives a clear sensation. 

Unfortunately, all those buildings are planned for a city in China, so it would take too long to arrive in Spain (if it was possible, all this are just projects!).

The Shell Villas, resembling conical Chinese hats, stand above the ground on six stainless steel pillars reaching skywards with wind turbines fitted above the tree tops
My house.
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The Mountain Villas, resembling a Chinese fan, are built from east to west to follow the sun's path throughout the day
This could be our lovely highschool!
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The landscape surrounding the futuristic city will be dotted with wind turbines and solar panels to garner energy in an eco-friendly manner
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