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Monday, December 10, 2012


I didn't see so many horror movies because I don't like those kind of films that shows blood or a dead rotten body, but I love mistery movies, when you have to think about the things that are happening.
If I have to choose one film of horror I would choose The Ring. It's a very scary film, I think that the story is very original, and it have a little of mistery, too. The situation it was also scary: I was with some friends, we were sitting in a bed and everything was dark. We saw the film on the Internet and sometimes the video stopped in a suspense part, so we didn't know when it would continue. I really had a bad time!

In my opinion the worst scene, I mean, the best horror scene it's that one in the end, when the girl ghost comes out of the television and kills the boy. This is not scary at all, when I really get frightened it's when the girl founds him, in a chair which was rotated, so the girl didn't know that he was dead. Then the girl turns the chair in slow motion (that part of the scene when you've time to shout: don't turn the chair! Oh my godness don't do it!) and it appeared the dead body and it was terrible. 
I couldn't find that scene, but I found the scene before that:


The master of suspense is Alfred Hitchcock. His most famous horror film was Psycho, in 1998.
In his horror films he use characters like serial killers.
Hitchock for create more suspense, he used a subjective camera to made the effect of that the camera is the character.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012


The film's directors use the comic relief when the film gets very tense or nervous. It's a character, scene or a funny dialogue for letting go all the acumulated temsion. It's useful for the people who is watching the film, because whith that, they can relax a little bit.
Maybe I laughed in some horror films but I can't remember any truly horror film that has some kind of fun in it.
A year ago I wached a film called Detention, just because Josh Hutcerson, one of my favourite actors, was in it. The film was half scary and half funny. It was a film for teenagers, I don't know if the intention of the screenwriters was trying to make us laugh or scary, but honestly, I don't like this kind of humor, so I didn't laugh so much.

Monday, December 3, 2012


The macabre story Tell-tale heart it's about a man who was butler in a house. The owner of the house was an old man who lived alone. The butler found scary the man's eye, because it was white, without the pupil. He couldn't live with this man because the eye it made him nervous and every time more and more. The man was good at him but he cannot live with it, so the butler killed the old man, and he hid the dead body under the floor. The neighbours heard an scream, so they sent a policeman to investigate the house. The butler said that the man was in the city, but he was so nervous again, and at the end he explode, he coudn't hide that nomore and at the end he finishes in the jail.
The writer was Edgar Allan Poe, the one who invented the first macabre stories. 
The first story that he wrote was The Black Cat and it was published in 1843. 
He invented other story types like the detective and science fiction. 

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