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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I can't believe that we have finished ESO. Now that I think about it I've the feeling that I'm going to miss it. ESO was a very big stage in our lives, and now it's over. I know that everything will be different after that. We're just starting to know who and how we want to be. There's nobody who's going to tell you what to do, right now we have our furure in our hands. Are we ready to handle it?

 When I think of ESO, it makes me feel happy. Did I enjoy ESO? I have met great people but, is that reason enough to say that I had a great time?
 In first and second of ESO my class was horrible. We couldn't listen to the teachers and we haven't got a good relationship between us. Sometimes I went home crying. I always say that this things make you strong because it's true. That's why third and fourth of ESO I could really fit in somewhere: our classes were entretaining and we all had that feeling of a group united. However, everything has a "dark" side: we had lots and lots of homework and projects to do and I wanted to do it everything and as much perfect as I could. I had to sacrificed hours of sleeping and that made me feel stressed. At the end of this year I think that I could manage everything as I wanted to be done (speaking about homework and studying!).

 ESO was a big lesson for all of us. We've learnt a lot and if we don't look at the not-beautiful things I think that we could remember it with a big smile. We should have to be proud of ourselves!


Me and Marcel in first of ESO. We have changed a lot!
(By the way he's going to kill me, but I had to post that photo in somewhere!)

Friday, June 7, 2013


Today, 7th of June 2013, a woman called Carole Longhorn, found a bomb in her garden.

She's from Norfolk, England. While she was gardening she found a bomb and she brought inside of the house to clean the object. While she was washing the bomb, his husband arrived and when he saw the object that they had in the middle of the coffe table, he called the police. When the experts came they said that the bomb was from the II World War and that they were very lucky. Then they took the bomb and they detonated it in a safe place. 

Bomb found by Carole Longhorn in Norfolk
The bomb
Image source

I have read the comments that the couple did about their experiencies and they didn't seem to be very preocupated for what had happened. If it was me I would take serious steps: like revising if it could be possible that there's another bomb. I would be terryfied! If I have founded the bomb like them, I'm sure that I would be constantly thinking about what it would happen if the bomb exploded. 


At the beginning of the year, we wrote down our things that we want to improve or change.
Mire were:
  • Do sport once a day.
  • Learn to play the guitar.
  • Give more importance to homework.
I think that I've to be proud of myself. We're in the middle of the year and I could say that I accomplish almost all of the goals.
I do sport every week: on Monday I do ballet, on Tuesday I play voleyball, on Wednesday I do PE (if that counts...), on Thursday I do ballet and volleyball, and on Fryday I do PE. I'm still thinking that I should do something more but I couldn't find the time!
I didn't have the chance to learn how to play the guitar. But this summer I will have plenty of free time to spend with my guitar!
And finally I think that I have always done my homework in time and I'm satisfied of that because last year, sometimes I forgot to write them in my agend and then I forgot what did I have!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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