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Thursday, October 9, 2014


We usually think that happiness is achieved only after you did a great job. In this infographic, they try to turn happiness into a key to be more succesful at work, which means that life is going to be more grateful, how?

If you are a happy person it's easy to make a connection with other people, and to be more open to listen to them. Then, if you have a job interview you have more advantadje than someone who's moody or sad. They wouldn't get the job because of the lack of enthusiasm and their sad attitude.

We spend the majority of our day working, so if what you're doing doesn't fill you up with happiness or energy perhaps you're not in the right place. We cannot survive being happy three hours per day, that's why happiness is the key.

We need to be happy with almost everything we do, and if it's not the case, we have to fight for that objective. I agree that we are more successful when we are happy rather than if we weren't. The problem is that some people need their jobs for the salary, and they can't be bothered by if they like it or if they don't. 


I know that we "just" came back from summer and that Christmas seems to be very far away now. However, when I think about a funny movie, Elf is always the first one that comes across my mind.

Although winter hasn't arrived, this is the perfect film in a cloudy day. So, if one day you just want to lie on your sofa with a blanket arround you, watching Elf would make your evening even cosier!

The film is about a human, Budy, who was raised by elfs at the North Pole, but he didn't belong there. So he packed up his things and he went down to Earth to find his real father. He's a very innocent man, who is always astonished with everything that we do, he is always very happy and that's why the film is so funny. He's not used to our behaviour, but he tries his best.  Perhaps it's not the funniest film ever, but at least you'll fall in love with the character and of course, with the Christmas spirit that surrounds Elf.

If I had to pick the funniest moments of the movie I would choose:

  1. When Budy finds the toy shop and when the employer said that Santa was coming to town, he yelled that he knew Santa. The whole conversation between them is hilarious!
  2. Budy was trying to pass a job enterview and there was a midget worker. Budy was convinced that the man was a dwarf, but the midget man thought that Budy was insulting him.
  3. He loves to eat sugar and sweet things, so in every meal he would put a tone of sugar!

Here's the trailer:

Monday, October 6, 2014


Thursday, October 2, 2014


Dear Sònia,

I'm writing this email to explain to you my short and long term goals. The problem is that I haven't got a long term goal. 

I don't picture myself being anything for twenty years, or for the rest of my life. I think that this isn't a problem of imagination, or that I have a lack of ambition and creativity. It's just that, as you said, the WOW moment hasn't appeared to me yet, although I feel it somehow closer than last year. However I don't know if it's for the pressure of being asked everyday what I want to do with my life or because, deep inside,  I know which ways I would rather go.  

Now that I have vent my thoughts about my long-term not existing yet goal, I will explain what I know for sure that I want to do: go to university and study a degree of something related to biology, and I also would like to go to Barcelona. The hardest pressing short time goal I have at the moment (as all of my school mates I guess) is to finish the TDR as soon as possible because studying second batxillerat and having to finish the TDR is a lot to take on.

As for now my priority is to finish the TDR, and then I will have plenty of time for deciding what my future is going to be. Another thing that I know for sure is that whatever I end up choosing I will try to give the best of me.

Best regards,

Anna Camós

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The 3 A's of awesome by Neil Pasricha

Neil Patrisha is a man who has experienced tough moments in his life like getting divorce, or the suicide of one of his friends. At that moment nowing that the tings couldn't go worse, he can just take two ways, to surrender or to try and focus on something positive.

Finally he did succeed focusing about positive things. His method of getting out of that sadness was to create a blog about positive things, but instead of writing about extraordinary positive things he writes about ordinal positive things "the simple universal little pleasures that we all love but we don't talk about enough" as he says.
The fact of having to think and write positive things for his blog and the million views that he had helped him to be more happy with himself . He won the award of the best blog of the world that was what pushed him to write a book about how can we succeed as he could.

The book is called The 3 A's of awesome: Attitude, awareness and autenticity:
  1. Attitude: Even if the conditions aren't the best we have to move foward, move on.
  2. Awareness: Being concious of your environment and taking care of it.
  3. Autenticity: We have to be happy and comfortable with ourselves because when we are authentic we do the things that we really love to do.
If we are able to achieve this three "rules", we will be able to be happy, to success and enjoy our lives.

Here's the link to go to his blog, 1000 Awesome Things.

And here's the video: