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Monday, June 9, 2014


It has been two years since I have started the blog and it's true that I have improved my level of English. Making so many posts has helped me to be quicker to write essays and perhaps it's going to help me to be more fluent when I speak.

Of all the activities that we do in English I'm very good at listenings, but I prefer doing readings, and I think that you are more able to tell is a person knows English or not by an essay than a listening test. Although, the more useful activities for me are the ones where I have to fill in the gaps, and all the options that we have are very equal so it makes me really think and I learn new words (usually connecting words).

On the other hand, the activities that I don't find as useful as the ones that I have said before perhaps are the listenigs, I don't think that I do as much as a writting exercise.

The activities that we have done this year and that I wouldn't mind repeating are presentations and comenting films.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Aren't you sick of bullying? I am.

Bullying is a social problem which most of the times happens to teenagers in school or highschool. It happens when someone, or a group, starts attaking a person who isn't able to defend himself. It's not just the fact of punching constantly someone what makes bullying as dangerous as it is. It's using words as a weapon what it's dangerous. Being constantly insulted, or threatened by someone makes you think that there's something wrong with you when in reallity, there's nothing wrong! The harm has been done and it's really difficult to forget something like this.

It's also very dangerous because the people arround the person who's being bullied don't see how the other person is suffering. The victim is very scared so he's not going to say who the bully: we as friends are clueless about who it could be. It's very difficult to identify a bully. And more difficult is knowing why he acts like this. Usually they have been bullied before or they have a bad education or a bad relation at home.

I really can't see the solution to stop it. People always say to ignore them, but when someone insists everyday with the same, you end up sick. We all know that we're different and spacial in our own way, and there's nothing wrong with it. Bullies usually like to insult the others to feel better and superior. They haven't got emphaty. Having emphaty is the solution of bullying, but we're nowadays in a very selfish society.

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