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Monday, May 18, 2015

MY ENGLISH PROGRESS from 2013-2015

While reading my first post of Batxillerat (Mail to the teacher), I don't have the feeling that I'd written that two years ago.
I don't know if now I would do a better informal letter to a teacher. The text itself has to be informal, so I don't think that back then I put a lot of effort on writing it. Perhaps the most diferent thing I see when I compare it with the newer ones is the fact that the sentences are very simple, with not too many connectors.  I don't tend to do a lot of mistakes, not even two years ago but I can detect some of them that now I wouldn't do. An example would be "I sleep less than I should sleep" there's no need of writing sleep twice. 

I remember that it was hard to me to adapt my way of writting to english. The usual style I use to do essays in catalan or spanish is with long sentences it's trickier to make rich but short sentences! That's another aspect that has changed during the years. In my last post I can see more complex connectors and eve the structure of the sentence is different.

I can't tell precisely if I have improved a lot in the writing part. However, I don't need to watch my presetations to know I did an enormous change. Having re-watched my old presentation about when I was a child I can see that now my english is more fluid than before, and I was even more shy. I have improved in my posture and my way of explaining, although in the most recent presentation (about the TDR) I'm nervous as well. 


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