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Sunday, May 10, 2015


In a british hospital, it's a common thing to use a machine able to keep organs working outside the body during 24 hours. Using the machine instead of the traditional method of putting the organ into a cool box (where the organ only lives for six hours) doubles the number of lung transplants.

The machine, called Organ Care System, is able to keep the lungs in the same condition as the body, so the lungs keep working because blood is still circulating. The importance of that is because using that machines lungs can be transported, although just the 20% of them are going to be usefull due to the difficult compatibility of the doner and the person who's reciving it. As a doctor says, "organs weren't meant to be frozen on ice" so this machine basically solves the problem.

Tried and tested: The breathing lung transplant new machine that keeps organ wokring outside the body for up to 24 hours
Organ Care System

Years ago, in La Marató of TV3, a program which each year is dedicated to a disease, they discussed the fact that there are a lot of people waiting for an organ transplant. This machine is giving the oportunity of saving a lot of lifes. I'm sure that doctors would find a way to built a machine like this for each organ. This kind of articles show us how quickly is the tecnology evolving!

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