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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Did you know that there are more than 800 emojis? According to an article, emojis are replacing internet slang completely now that the little images are creating a global recognised language.

Some internet slang like "Oh my god" (OMG) has been replaced with the emoji that has a fear expression, "Laugh out loud" (LOL) has been replaced with the emoji that is crying of happiness.

For example, 'omg' - slang for 'oh my god', has been replaced with the 'face screaming with fear' emoji

'Lol', and 'lmao' - laugh my ass off - is being replaced by the 'face with tears of joy' emoji

However, it doesn't stops here. Nowadays emojis are also used combined to  create sentences. According to a study, Finland is the city where most of the network users use emojis in a daily basis. 
The most used emojis are the one used to express LOL, followed by the emoji that has hearts as eyes and then the one that blows a kiss.

Resultado de imagen de emojis tumblr

As a user of some networks such as Instagram and, of course, Whatsapp, I must say that I really enjoy using emojis. I think that complements very well a message. Although I have never used it in sentences because I find that is faster writing the word than searching for the right emoji, I wouldn't find it strange if someone replyed to me that way.

I can't tell if it's a bad thing or not. I don't see why internet slang should be better than emojis! Looking trough my phone, the emojis I use the most are the typical heart, the girl who's killing it, and also the dead face (mostly used to express how I feel about the final exams and la selectivitat).

The girl on fire

The dead emoji

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