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Sunday, May 10, 2015


According to an article of the Daily Mail, researchers from arround the world are trying to create an invisibility cloak inspired by the invisible cloak from Harry Potter.
Some inventors from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have already invented a cloak able to cover small objects. How it works? They have created a material wich is able to alter the cycle and speed of light so when the waves of light touches it, they get reflected instead of the object.

In a diffusive light-scattering medium, light moves on random paths (see magnifying glass). A normal object (left) casts a shadow, an object with an invisibility cloak (right) does not
Here's an image of the Invisible Cloak. You hide an object inside the tube, and it dissapears due to the distortioned waves.

Even after reading this article I found it impossible to believe and to understand, but it seems that the inventors are going to the schools of their country to show how it works because it's physics. I haven't quite understand how the waves can make something dissapear!  But as seen in the other article that I post about the new machine able to mantain an organ alive, I don't see the utility to an invisible cloak. I'm not saying that everyone should be trying to find the method of saving the world, however that Institute is not the only one trying to design an invisible cloak, so why invert a significant amount of money, sources and time to something that it's not as demanded as the organ machine? And even though this project turns out well and in the future we will be able to be invisible, I'm sure that it's going to be used as a weapon rather than a common good. 

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