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Sunday, May 10, 2015


At the end of April, a natural disaster ocurred in Nepal. An earthquake (7.9 on the Richter scale) killed more than a thousand people as a result of the avalanches in the Himalayas and of all the demolished buildings. Most of the survivers spent the days at local nursery plants. Two ancient temples with a lot of significance  were also completely destroyed.
Last week the policemen confirmed the death of a catalan woman who was hiking the Himalaya. Nevertheless, there's a large number of people missing that might not be found.
People try to free a man from the rubble of a destroyed building in Kathmandu
The destroyed temples
I find terrifying how nature can cause this amount of damage in matter of seconds. It must be devastating to lose someone in this kind of accidents, even more if you don't really know if the person is just missing or if it's already dead. Although it's nobody's fault, it's amazing the amount of support that the city recieved and in consequence a lot of lives were saved. 

In my opinion, natural diasters like that one  are the worst, not just for the number of deaths, but also for the city itself. It erases the history that the city had. What would Catalonia be without La Sagrada Familia and the other beautiful churches spreaded across the country, without the famous ruins and such? Nothing. We would loose our essence, our nacionality. Without the patrimony, a city is just an industrial zone. Catalonia wouldn't exist without the tourism that comes each year. So, why aren't we trying to prevent natural disasters? We are contaminating the Earth, and although we can't stop the movement of the tectonic plates, we could reduce the pollution, we could decrease the deglaciation of the poles, we could prevent the extension of the hollow ozone. But we are doing nothing.

What kind of planet will our descendants will live in?

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